Welcome to SEARCHLIGHT by On Call International
University of Washington's Global Travel, Health and Safety Gateway
The best way to minimize risk when traveling abroad is having access to information and encouraging preparation. University of Washington has taken steps to prepare for and assist you if you experience a medical or security emergency abroad by providing access to SEARCHLIGHT, a web based resource center for your travels.  In order for you to become well prepared and to enable us to be in the best position to assist you in an emergency, we ask that you complete the following three steps:
1. CLICK HERE to register & create your unique traveler profile
2. Log your trips by forwarding any itinerary, booking confirmation or reservation via email to travelregistry@uw.edu and it will be logged for you within 24 - 72 hours and you will receive a link via email to review your trip once it is complete.  Be sure to include any local contact information you will be using while in your destination.  Note that by providing your travel details, you are authorizing On Call International and/or University of Washington to access the information to locate you, communicate with you and coordinate assistance for you should the need arise or circumstances require it.**
3.Download the On Call Membership Card onto your smart phone or print and carry it with you
In order to better prepare for your trip, we also recommend you utilize this information gateway pre-departure in the following ways:
Research your Destination – find health, safety and transportation information using the Destination Guides tab.
Review the information about On Call International – available 24 hours a day to assist you with any health or safety obstacles you face while traveling, no matter how small it may seem.
International travel can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of your life. The University and On Call International are committed to ensuring your health and safety while abroad to give you the best possible chance of coming home with only a positive view of your academic journey.

If you would like to speak with a University of Washington employee about your travels or have questions or concerns about this service, please contact the Global Emergency Manager in the Office of Global Affairs at 206.616.7927 or at travelemergency@uw.edu.  Or if this is an urgent issue and you are traveling overseas you may call the 24/7 University of Washington International Travel Emergency Hotline at +1.206.632.0153 (Collect Calls Accepted) 

**If you use a UW designated travel agency, there is work in progress to feed trips booked with those agencies into the database; this page will be updated when that work is complete.  Please use the same email address for registration as you use to book any travel through an agency as this allows trips and profiles to be linked.    

Open this User Guide to help you navigate Searchlight.  If you need additional assistance, use the contacts in the Help link.